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Student Groups:

Where Passions Converge

Interested in science & technology, sports analysis, environmental sustainability, speech and debate, and marathon running? Don’t box yourself in—pursue them all. At the Academy, students convert knowledge into action. They create new initiatives, found organizations, and confront pressing social issues with an interdisciplinary view. Don't be afraid to get involved!


Student activities provide unique opportunities to expand your comfort zone, learn new things, and make friends. AOC has wide-ranging student organizations suited to all interests, and the community is always looking to expand its offerings. Interesting in creating a club? Click here.

Student organizations also help to broaden your social circle. You'll get to know classmates with different academic interests from your own, or who has a background that isn't necessarily familiar to you. At AOC, you'll always have opportunity to find common ground with your peers.

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Associated Student Body (ASB)

ASB develops responsible student leaders who represent and advocate for the interests of their fellow students to the faculty, staff, and administration. Students must be selected in order to join ASB. You apply in the spring for the following year or you are elected to a position.

AOC Yearbook

Only students selected to be in Yearbook can take Yearbook. If you are in fall semester Yearbook, you will take spring semester Yearbook to finish making the book. You apply in the spring for the following year.

Project Linus

Project Linus provides students with a rewarding and fun service opportunity for students, where they collaborate to develop homemade blankets for children in need.

SEL Mentorship

SEL seeks to promote a balanced lifestyle at AOC by providing the resources needed to foster a healthy community. Mentors are directly responsible for maintenance of the Wellness Room, the planning of the Wellness Forum, creating grade level panels, running the Branch Out program, facilitating the Listen curriculum, and several other ideas that support a healthy school climate.

Science Olympiad

A competition meant to challenge high school students to either build machines (i.e., planes, buggies, rockets), prepare for tests in certain sub fields of science (Anatomy & Physiology and Disease Detectives) or even labs (Forensics). Advisor is Mr. Koegle, and it runs through the ImagIning the Future Club.

AOC Journalism

Journalism allows students to advance their writing skills by providing them with a space to share anything from recent news to art. These students publish their work on the clubs website, AOC Envoy. So stop by and check out the latest hot topic. 

Seeds of Change

Seeds of Change aims to fight climate change through sustainable gardening, interactive learning, and community composting. They give back to the community and to the earth by inspiring individuals to make a change in the way that they treat our planet.

Project 691 Robotics

If you have any questions about joining, feel free to reach out to Jathin Korrapati (email: or Vinay Bidin (, who both serve on the board for 691!

Team 691 is a high-school robotics team from the Santa Clarita Valley. They give students opportunities to experience real world engineering through competitive robotics. They are a FRC team part of the non-profit organization FIRST, which hosts annual competitions we compete in.


The National Honor Society (NHS) recognizes high school students who have demonstrated educational excellence in areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

Student Task Force

Student Task Force focuses on educating and advocating for human rights across campus. They are partnered with Human Rights Watch and give seminars on the importance of student voices.

Students Off & Running

Students Off And Running (SOAR) offers students the opportunity to participate in a fully supported, 24 week 380 mile marathon training program while challenging themselves to accomplish something truly extraordinary in a non-competitive arena.

Imagining the Future

Imagining the Future focused on nurturing and expanding students' interests in biology and chemistry through interactive experiences. This new club created and completed labs that strongly aligned with the fascinating topics taught in AOC’s own science classes.

Speech & Debate

Debate club nurtures a supportive environment where students can foster their speaking skills amongst their friends and peers, aiming to increase the confidence and skill level of all speakers. 

American Medical Student Association

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) hopes to foster a community of future physicians through weekly meetings. With workshops and medical professionals, students are given the opportunity to discuss their future in the medical field. Key presentations and interviews take place as students inquire to discover if the medical field is meant for them.

Sports Club

Although AOC doesn’t have any sports teams, that doesn’t stop these students from chatting about them. Catch these students enthusiastically talking about the latest football game, LeBron James’ greatest slam dunk, or getting hyped about the upcoming Olympic games. 

Bible Club

Members of Bible Club seek a deeper connection with God through the reading of Bible verse and discussions that draw on personal experience. These students often engage in Socratic seminars that enrich friendships and promote leadership positions.

Performing Arts Club

Performing Arts Club is a space for students to explore and share their artistic talents. A wide variety of talents including dancing, singing, music, and poetry are performed in this inclusive club. 

Gender-Sexuality Alliance

Gender-Sexuality Alliance, also known as GSA, is a club where students learn and discuss topics related to the LGBTQ+ community. It is a safe environment for everyone, regardless of their gender, sexuality, race, or background.

Visual Arts Club

The Visual Arts club allows students to express their creativity in all artistic mediums, including sketching, painting, and digital art. Students participate in weekly activities to help hone their skills and share their art with others. 

Anime Club

Every week, Anime Club meets twice a week to discuss which anime to watch, and then to watch the chosen title. They explore a variety of genres from romantic comedy to psychological drama. Some titles that have come up in their discussion were Dororo, Fruits Basket, and Fate/Grand Order.


Gender-Sexuality Alliance, also known as GSA, is a club where students learn and discuss topics related to the LGBTQ+ community. It is a safe environment for everyone, regardless of their gender, sexuality, race, or background.

Math Club

Struggling with math or in need of homework help? Every week, math club reviewed a variety of concepts through interactive activities and games, encouraging students to teach and to succeed.

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