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Senior Mentor

Our mentors were carefully selected to represent their designated pathway. They have pursued extracurricular activities and coursework that supports their prospective major or program in college. Each mentor can provide expertise for choosing the appropriate extracurriculars, COC courses, AOC electives, and standardized tests that align with your academic pathway.


If you see them in the hallways, don't be afraid to say hi! As mentors, they are here to help you - feel free to ask about their unique experiences, and how they ended up pursuing their pathway! Learn how you can follow in their footsteps. 


Brenden Suwan

Prospective Mental Health Specialist & Advocate

Social & Behavioral Science

Brenden S. is a class of 2020 senior at AOC hoping to pursue Health and Wellness and Psychology. Being introduced to Social Emotional Learning through AOC, he has been inspired to pursue a career focusing on mental health advocacy and spreading the need of mental health support in schools. Being in charge of caring for the Wellness Room gave him inspiration to bring this experience to other schools in the country. Since Health and Wellness is an upcoming, he is planning on going to double major in Psychology and Wellness. On his off time, he enjoys playing League of Legends, cooking, and visiting local boba shops with his friends.

Carmele Forbes

Prospective Elementary School Teacher


Carmele Forbes is a class of 2020 senior at the Academy of the Canyons pursuing Early Childhood Education. What inspired her pick this major was because of the opportunities it had in getting to inspire and educate the younger generation. To Carmele, a teacher’s role is to influence students' lives by inspiring and motivating them to achieve their potential. By pursuing a career in education, Carmele wants to benefit society as a whole and be able to make an impression on individuals and reform the way they learn. On her off time, she enjoys baking, surfing, hanging out with friends at cafes, and spending time with her dog Mochi.

Carter Cote

Prospective Engineer & Product Designer

Physical Science & Engineering

Carter is a multimedia content creator pursuing a fusion of computer science, product design, and engineering. Through his unique interdisciplinary skillset, he aims to create social value and to tackle the complex problems that society will face in the 4th Industrial Revolution. As a content creator, Carter enjoys pro-bono work, including web design, graphic design, and prototyping development.

Euan Ramos

Prospective Filmmaker

Visual Arts, Design, & Entertainment

Euan Ramos is a class of 2020 senior from AOC who continues to pursue his interest in Cinematography: Film Production. He was inspired by his parents who were once heavily involved in the entertainment industry as a cinematographer and singer before coming to America. At first, Euan was weary of the entertainment industry because the only stories that came out of it were those of failure. Still, he explored the industry as a hobby and grew to love cinematography. While he made Youtube videos of his friends for fun, it quickly became a fascination and a serious interest. Euan now works toward his film production major as he continues to carry on his parents’ lost legacy.

Joelle Min

Prospective International Rights Lawyer

Law & Political Studies

Joelle is a class of 2020 senior at AOC hoping to pursue Political Science & International Relations. Through COC classes, she has grown interested in the intersection of policymaking, big data, and advocacy. Her pursuit in politics is fueled by the challenges of the field: the nuances of diplomacy and the ungrasped comprehension of global hegemony. During her sophomore year at AOC, she founded Wake Up Stand Up, a sexual harassment prevention movement that runs seminars and films survivor testimonies. The purpose of the events are to create education and advocacy about mutual respect and the basics of consent. Outside of school, Joelle is an avid debater and concertgoer, as well as enjoys hiking, mushroom science documentaries, and cafe hopping.

Mark Singzon

Prospective Public Health Major

Health Science & Medicine

Mark is a 2020 senior at AOC. His interest in healthcare began during his freshman year when he joined the American Medical Students Association of COC. From there, he honed his leadership skills in groups such as ASB and SEL. Mark has planned numerous healthcare-related events during his junior year, and has served as a Henry Mayo volunteer since his sophomore year. Nowadays, he pursues hobbies such as playing guitar, investigative journalism, gardening, music production, podcasting, and public speaking. Mark also seeks to redefine masculinity and mental health within society.

Matt Reyes

Prospective Graphic Designer

Visual Arts, Design, & Entertainment

Matthew is a senior that seeks to pursue Graphic Design in college. He first became interested in it when he joined Yearbook during his junior year. His true passion for design, however, came after a growing appreciation of artworks for songs and albums by his favorite musical artists. As a music producer, he became interested in how visuals tie into the themes/messages of songs and began making typographic posters for his own music. In college, he intends on specifically pursuing user experience/user interface design and wishes to tie in his skills in design with his hobby as a musical artist in the future.

Miles Glappa-Grosslag

Prospective Digital Rights Manager

Math, Computers, & Data

Miles Glapa-Grossklag is a senior at Academy of the Canyons Middle College High School planning on pursuing a Computer Science B.S. He hopes to use computer science to advocate for user’s right to privacy online through citizens’ organizations. Inspired by digital rights advocates such as Edward Snowden, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, etc. In his free time, Miles enjoys reading philosophy and American literature, walking around L.A., and listening to music.

Royce Okubo

Prospective Physical Therapist

Health Science & Medicine

Royce is a class of 2020 senior pursuing a Kinesiology degree in exercise science with the intent to have a career in physical therapy. Growing up, Royce participated in AAU basketball for 6 years, which helped him develop a passion for sports, as well as a fascination for kinesthetics and injury prevention. Royce realized that, by combining his love for sports, his interest in rehabilitation, and his desire to help others, the sports medicine field provides him the perfect career pathway.

Tang Favish

Prospective Business Administrator

Business & Entrepreneurship

Tang Favish is a business major senior at Academy of the Canyons in the class of 2020. She chose business because of her background in creating YouTube content on her channel “GummyUnicorn,” which accumulated over 46,000 subscribers, and her current job position at Paradis Ice Cream Valencia, where she has to communicate with customers courteously and effectively. During the month of October 2019, she was entrusted with managing the ice cream shop while the owners were traveling; thus, taking on the responsibilities of ordering inventory, creating employee schedules, managing social media. In this experience, she learned three vital needs of a prosperous business: communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. While she is not working or doing schoolwork, she likes spending time with friends, cooking food for her family, and watching classic movies.

Tarun Murugesan

Prospective Mechanical Engineer

Physical Science & Engineering

Tarun Murugesan is a class of 2020 AOC senior hoping to pursue mechanical engineering and passionate about exploring the possibilities of integrating engineering, artificial engineering/machine learning, and design. He has proactively developed an interdisciplinary skill set through his position as President of the district robotics team and through learning programming and CAD in his free time. With his interest in design and desire to tackle relevant issues, he redesigned the current outdated public high school classroom. In addition to these passions, Tarun enjoys playing basketball, training in martial arts, buying and reselling shoes, and discussing current events.

Terin Ambat

Prospective App Developer

Math, Computers, & Data

Terin Ambat is a class of 2020 senior who attends AOC and is pursuing a career in Computer Science. He has always grown up around computers, as his father was a Software Engineer, and developed a love for technology that caused him to learn about programming. He often practices code by compiling random programs that come to his head and also learns new coding languages through online courses. Terin also indulges himself in app development: coding through Android Studio. Besides programming, Terin plays the violin, plays video games, produces music, and watches anime in his free time.

Tiana Perez

Prospective NGO Founder

Business & Entrepreneurship

Tiana is a current senior at AOC. She is pursuing Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. Tiana chose to pursue business after discovering her love for the business world, specifically marketing, at AOC. She has a devout passion for helping others, where she hopes to market for humanitarian organizations, specifically those that help marginalized people and minority groups. Tiana believes that anyone exploring the world of business will be able to find a focus to take great interest in.