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Helping Hand at the Academy of the Canyons aims to provide student mentorship and direction to discover and to engage with your academic passions. This is your central hub for everything at the Academy, including resources for skill-development and mentorship as you prepare to engage with your academic pathway in college.



First year Academy students focus on identity and self-awareness, developing an understanding of their personality, learning style, and personal strengths. Students develop an academic foundation and personal maturity necessary for the college environment.


Second-year students build upon their newfound awareness for their strengths and interests to refine their understanding of career choices and civic engagement. Students explore career options and fields of study that help lay the foundation for their plans after high school.


Third-year students refine their plan beyond high school and build the strengths and talents that apply to their career & college major. Students join a college that  provides opportunity for AOC staff to channel a student's classroom contributions to their strengths and talents. 


Fourth-year students look to bridge their work at AOC to their next phase of life. Students develop a Capstone project that addresses a need in the community. AOC colleges encourage students to explore college pathways, develop portfolios, and guide extracurricular choices.


Our program is extremely intricate, with several components that students have to take into account in order to achieve their goals. We want to make it as easy as possible to navigate our unique program, and provide support every step of the way.

As a team, we have launched this platform in order to centralize resources for guidance and direction, readily accessible to AOC students. 

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As an Academy student, you have access to over 85 Alumni that are already engaging in the academic pathway of your choice. Read their stories, and learn how they have gotten to where they are today (so that you can too!). 


Connecting with our alumni will provide knowledge and direction as you prepare to engage with your desired pathway in college.

We also offer senior mentors, academic tutors, and SEL mentors. Click on the corresponding name to connect with them.

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Math, Computers, & Data

Janny Zhang

Software Engineer at Google

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS), + Certificate in Design Innovation, UC Berkeley

Health Science & Medicine

Kian Taylor

Medical school student at Emory University

MD at Emory University + PhD in Genetics & Molecular Biology at Georgia Tech, Molecular & Cell Biology at UC Berkeley

Law & Political Studies

Michael Levin

Lawyer for Tech Startups in Santa Monica

Stanford Law School, Environment & Resources at Stanford, Economics at UC Berkeley

Health & Wellbeing

From physical health to mental and emotional wellness, your wellbeing remains a critical priority. Support to manage your mental health can be found through AOC's Social & Emotional Learning Mentors, wellness room, and Jacquie, our school therapist.

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  Visit our campus's wellness room, adjacent to the front office!   



At the Academy, we encourage our students to engage with their academic passions in order to properly define their ambitions and their postsecondary goals.


Putting his skills to the test
Tyler, '20, codes Comatose, an Android app that allows a user to place their phone into deep sleep when they turn the screen off, saving battery life


Inspiring Future Engineers
Project 691 Robotics team hosting their annual booth at Club Food Day to help foster interest in joining the team.


Current Students

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Advice from a senior
Academic Tutoring


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